Episode 37: Helping Our Children Manage the Digital World

Episode 37: Helping Our Children Manage the Digital World

Episode 37: Helping Our Children Manage the Digital World 1920 1080 Catholic Parents Online

Episode 37: Helping Our Children Manage the Digital World

Managing the digital world ourselves is in itself a challenging enterprise. What more with our children? We cover the basic principles of engagement with our children in managing digital media, so that they can do so as safely and responsibly as possible.


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We cover the basic principles of engagement with our children in managing digital media. Following this, we will delve into more specific areas like managing screen time, gaming, social media interactions, pornography, and so on.

Foundational Principles of Engagement

  1. As with sexuality education, we cannot hope to teach our children well until and unless we have established a good connection with them. If you have not done so, I will encourage you to revisit our earlier episodes on bonding with our children, namely episodes 7 to 17. In particular, be present to your children always, and cultivate an environment that fosters open, honest and warm communication with your children.
  2. Be role models for your children. If we do not want them to spend too much time on social media, then neither should we, whether it be Facebook, YouTube or any other platform. Show them what it means to use the internet responsibly and optimally.
  3. Continue to build up their self-worth. Affirm them often, so that they can be less vulnerable to bullying, grooming and other forms of manipulation online by others with nefarious intentions. You may wish to revisit episode 8 in this series to build on this.
  4. Disciple our children in the virtues. We covered this somewhat in episode 11 when we touched on the topic of discipline. Our children need virtues such as temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice to help them navigate the digital world wisely and well.
  5. Build on our marriage so that as better lovers, we can be better parents, supporting each other and consistent in the setting up and implementation of rules in our household. You may wish to refer to episode 6, which discusses this topic.
  6. Encourage our children to engage in more physical activities, outdoor games, and face-to-face interactions, rather than allowing excessive online use. Our children want to have fun and meaningful activities. Let them have it. Give them good and fun options in these areas through family and outdoor games and activities. Cultivate these from as young as possible.
  7. Take an active interest in what our children are saying and playing and doing in the digital world. By this, I do not mean for us to be nosy and to intrude into their privacy regardless of their feelings. Rather, we can check in on them often. Placing and using devices like the computer and mobile phones in common and high traffic areas such as the living room can help a lot in this. Create opportunities for conversations in comfortable and cosy settings and find out what is happening in their lives. Episodes 9 and 10 deal more specifically with how we can do so.
  8. Pray always and let our Lord be our Master and guide us in this journey. Entrust your mission and your children to Him and the prayers of Mother Mary and St Joseph. From young, encourage your children to pray often. Teach them the prayers to St Michael the Archangel and their guardian angel. Immerse them into the life of the Church and in the Word. Like it or not, helping our children safely navigate the world today so that they reach their ultimate destiny in heaven is ultimately a spiritual battle. But with our Lord by our side, there is nothing to fear.

In the following episodes we will cover topics including screen time, accountability, pornography, sexting and more.